Own-A-Home Pty Ltd was established by Darrel Reeves and Brennan Reeves to challenge the status quo of residential building. Together we’ve raised the bar in customer service and streamlined the building process for our clients. Darrel and Brennan build every home and their team and sub-contractors share the same pride in their workmanship that we do. The result is beautifully crafted homes and happy clients, all over the north-west coast of Tasmania from Burnie and Penguin, to Wynyward and Somerset.

Here’s 5 reasons to choose us to build your new home

1. Deal directly with Own-A-Home Directors, your builders, Brennan and Darrel

Brennan and Darrel own the company and build every Own-a-Home home. You will deal directly with them every step of the way.

2. Be informed every step of the way

Own-A-Home’s online app allows you to track your entire build. You’ll receive live updates, sign off on decisions, manage your budget and communicate with Brennan and Darrel all from the one place.

3. Hassle-free selections

Make selections for colours, fittings and fixtures from any device while you’re out on the road using our app. Or come into our Display Studio in Cooee to see our standard selection range as well as ideas and ‘look books’ to inspire your decision making.

4. Customised home design

We offer design ideas and examples that are fully customisable. We’ll work with you to design a home that truly reflects your individual needs, style and budget. Or, if you’re really prepared, we’ll happily quote on and build to an existing plan.

5. More time for the fun stuff

We’re builders so we know how to navigate the nitty gritty world of approvals and permits. Own-A-Home will deal with the relevant authorities on your behalf so you can spend more time on the fun stuff.

I wish we built our first home. As a young apprentice I assumed that to get a home loan we would have to buy an existing property. In fact, lenders will lend against vacant land and a building contract.

Now, I want every new home buyer to understand that with a construction loan building is a realistic and very affordable option. Go out, talk to your mortgage broker, then come and talk to us. Don’t just dream about building your own home, do it.

Brennan Reeves, Co-Director Own-A-Home (Tas) Pty Ltd