The Build Process

We want every new home buyer to understand that building a new home is a realistic and very affordable option. Here’s how to start…

A mortgage broker will help you to know where you stand financially and what you can afford to spend on your build.   We can put you in contact with a local mortgage broker who will help you understand your options and secure the most suitable loan for you.

Find a block, Own-A-Home can help you to find “the one”.

Darrel or Brennan will meet you at your block or a block you’re considering, to provide a free block inspection. We’ll talk through potential home designs, preliminary costings as well as opportunities and potential limitations of the block. We will also recommend if any additional inspections or testing should be done before you make a final purchase decision.

With a design in mind Own-A-Home will provide you with a cost estimate for the build of your home. We’ll work through different ideas and designs to meet your budget.

Make the move! With an estimated cost for your land and build combined it’s time to buy your block.

Planning, designing and starting your build…

Own-A-Home and a local draftsman will work with you to turn your ideas into a custom designed plan for your home. During this stage a soil test and topographic survey will be completed to assist with the designing process.

Once you’re happy with the floor plan and outside elevations of your home, Own-A-Home will provide a detailed quote that will be used as a basis for your contract with us and finance for your build.

Before we can go any further, your plans will be submitted to Council to gain the approvals and permits required to begin your build.

We’ll work with the Council and Building Surveyors so this is a great time for you to start thinking about colour schemes, fittings and fixtures and the overall interior design of your new home!

As soon as the Building Permit is received we’re ready to begin. Own-A-Home (Tas) will set you up with your own log in to our online app so you can start making selections and track your build.

Contact us now for more information.